For more than 20 years, Isel has consistently formulated and manufactured high-quality lubricants for a wide range of industrial uses.

Performance Advantages :
– Isel utliizes industry-leading expertise, proprietary blending techniques and a unique production process to offer you.
– Ideal formulations expertly engineered for your customers’ specific needs and complex requirements.
– Unmatched performance, protection and oil life.
– Products thoroughly tested and proven to excel in the most demanding conditions such as extreme temperatures, pressures, speeds and loads.
– Lubricants that accurately, consistently match manufacturing specifications and the most stringent quality standards.
– Freedom from flushing — all Isel lubricants are top-off compatible with their corresponding OEM and aftermarket equivalents.
With Isel as your lubricant manufacturer and supplier, you always will receive premium-quality products with the industry’s finest service and competitive pricing.

Air Compressor Lubricant
Air Compressor Lubricant
Compressor Cleaner
Compressor Cleaner

Products Available

  • Special Lubricants
  • Air Compressor Lubricants
  • Refrigeration Lubricants

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