Weddings international dating for chinese in Turkmenistan are a special occasion. The formal procedure is sorted out by groom’s along with involves traditional sounds and dances. There is also a marriage feast. Additionally, it is a time intended for relatives and friends right from both sides to get together.

Before the ceremony, the new bride wears a tahya, which is a ladies headdress that symbolizes virginity. It is stitched with blooms. Once the wedding is finished, the tahya is given to the bride’s most youthful sis.

The wedding banquet has a festive meals, which is prepared by the bride’s mother. Guests also banquet on lamb soup and spicy plov. Traditionally, the wedding is slated for an auspicious month.

During the wedding service, the bride-to-be is typically taken in a palanquin. She’s surrounded by her friends, who all defend her from the bridegroom. In addition , there is also a playfully specified fight.

The newlyweds are required to live in the parents’ residence until they will pay their very own dowry. It can also be thousands of dollars in money or livestock. The price is generally paid by the groom’s daddy. Yet , close family members may help the bride prepare the dowry.

The bride-to-be will wear a particular outfit through the festival. She could also use a tyubeteika, a woman’s costume. This really is used to shield the bride from malignant spirits.

Following your ceremony, a celebration happens in the parents’ house. Music players and folklore groups should perform traditional songs. Some of the dances will be saz, ellik, and pishme.