Location :El Paso TX, USA
Project Name :Turnkey project to Supply, Install, Startup and Training of new CB CFH-700-50-150ST Boiler
Project Completed On :March 2020

Scope of Work:

The project scope of work included the supply of a 50HP Boiler. The objective was to remove existing inoperable fire-tube boiler and relocate it to an accessible area, Set and install the existing water-tube boiler and connect steam, water, electrical, gas, and blowdown piping. This also involved installing new roof and side panels on the existing structure as required also install and/or repair existing boiler stack as required and readjust existing boiler settings. We then set and installed the new boiler and connected it to the existing steam, water, electrical and blowdown piping. We were also asked to repair the sheet metal roof as required and install a new boiler stack as required.